Abstract Submission

An abstract is a short summary of research conducted. Each student interesting in publishing for the GSUEJ must submit an abstract to the Galbraith Society to be considered for publication (300 words maximum).

The following components should be considered and included within the abstract for Research Articles:
Introduction: 1-2 sentence statement providing an overview of the research objective.
Methods: 2-3 sentences that describe the experiments and procedures conducted, as well as the experimental setup used.
Results: A few sentences describing the outcome of the experiments.
Discussion: Describe the significance of the results and research.

The Review Article Abstract should include at minimum the following components:
Purpose: 1-2 sentences introducing the purpose for writing the literature review.
Topic: Describe the main field of research where the review article is being summarized.
Limitations: Identify any aspects of the review where more studies could be used in the scope of the research.