Sidewalk Scanning Device to Locate Areas with Obstacles
Information Engineering
Development of a tool based on a structured-light sensor (like the Microsoft Kinect) to measure walkway discontinuities to allow for survey of many sidewalks quickly and accurately. This would require students with programming knowledge to develop software that could be used to process depth data from a Kinect sensor and flag any obstacles that exceed some threshold and log the GPS coordinates for these locations. This project will involve an iterative design and testing cycle to develop the structured light sensor-based survey tool capable of accurately geo-tagging the locations of walkway discontinuities that exceed a specified threshold. The students working on this will need to build some type of battery powered wheeled cart that houses the sensor and shades the ground from sunlight to avoid interference. The idea is that once we know the height of obstacle that is a tripping hazard, we need some type of automated devices to go and find and geotag them. Imagine your device being attached to a street sweeper or other similar maintenance vehicle that regularly travels around the city’s sidewalks. It could log the locations of problem obstacles targeting them for repair.
Students will work together to develop a functional prototype
Time commitment
5 Hours/Week
Computer Engineering students preferred.
Positions available
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2-3 positions available
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