Measurement Tool to Evaluate Large Number of Individuals Walking Outdoors
Information Engineering
Field-based data collection using a novel measurement tool to quickly evaluate a large number of individuals when walking outdoors in various locations and environmental conditions. The tool is essentially a frame that is set on the ground next to the sidewalk that rigidly holds a video camera with two laser points carefully aligned so the lasers are exactly parallel to each other and the distance between the two lasers is precisely known. We have a version of this device now but need some adjustments to make it reliable. The measurement device will be set up at several locations in Toronto. We will choose 6 locations – 1 sidewalk location with minimal surface irregularity and 5 sidewalk locations with irregularities of various heights (eg 1mm, 2.5mm, 5mm, 7.5mm and 10mm for instance if these can be found). The measurement tool will be set up such that passerby’s do not attend to it’s presence. Data will be acquired at each location for approximately 3 hours per day. A researcher will be present for all data collection sessions. The total number of subjects analyzed will be dependent on the day and time of testing and therefore will differ for each testing location. During data collection, the researcher will note, using his/her own judgment, each subject’s approximate age, sex, type of footwear and if they are using any assistive devices such as canes and walkers or if they are using electronic devices such as cell phones. The video data will be used to estimate foot clearance using the MB Ruler software package. The two laser dots will be visible on lower leg of a passerby. The video will be paused at this point to calibrate the software using the known distance between the two laser dots. The video will then be played forward frame by frame to find the frame where the foot achieve minimum clearance with the sidewalk during swing phase. The foot clearance at this point will be estimated using the software.
Students should be able to collect and process over a 2 semester period.
Time commitment
5 Hours/Week (Project to be completed in 8 months)
Any discipline, may be of particular interest for Civil / Biomed students
Positions available
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2-3 positions available
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