Measuring the Concentrations of Trace Gases in the Atmosphere
Atmospheric Physics
The student will work in the Atmospheric Physics group at the University of Toronto, which has an active program in remote sounding of atmospheric composition from ground-based, balloon, and satellite platforms, along with supporting radiative transfer studies and laboratory spectroscopy. The student will join a research group that is involved in a wide variety of projects that use UV-visible and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometers to improve the measurements the concentrations of trace gases in the atmospheres of Earth and Mars.
We are looking for a student to work with a PhD student in the assembly and testing of a new long path White cell for laboratory spectra measurements. The student will work with vacuum, gas handling, opto-mechanical systems, and will gain experience operating an FTIR spectrometer.
Time commitment
3-6 Hours/Week
Engineering or Physics 2nd year +, B+ or higher. Interest in working with hardware, including vacuum systems, gas handling, and optics. Some knowledge of computer programming would be an asset
Positions available
Applications for 2018-2019 is now open! Pleae apply through the link below and send your transcript as a PDF to (Please attach your complete transcript from ACORN as a PDF file with filename: REX2018_FISTNAME_LASTNAME).
1 position available
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