Personalized Neural Stimulation/Recording Headset
Biomedical Engineering
Therapeutic brain stimulation is a rapidly advancing field within neuroscience and medicine. The effectiveness of the technique requires accurate localization of the target brain regions for recording and/or stimulation for various clinical and experimental procedures. However, individual variation in skull anatomy and size causes it to be difficult to consistently locate a specific region for multiple recording/stimulation sessions. Image guided placement methods of recorders/stimulators such as MRIs, are expensive and time consuming. Manual methods such as tape measurements are time consuming, require a technician, and lack consistency for multiple recording/stimulation sessions. Our project will improve upon existing techniques, minimizing time and expense while ensuring accuracy and consistency of neural recording/stimulation. A personalized stimulation headset will be 3D printed that targets the desired brain region for that patient. The method begins by using a series of digital photos of the patient to create a 3D model of their head. Using a computer algorithm, a personalized headset locating the target area will be 3D printed to fit the patient’s head and pinpoint the target region.
Headset design specific for repetitive transcranial stimulation (rTMS), Software design and implementation allowing to scan and print the headset, Testing of both the headset and the software
Time commitment
4-6 Hours/Week
Any year and discipline, as long as the student is motivated.
Positions available
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