Automation of Condition-Dependant Organic Solar Cell Data Acquisition
Information Engineering
This project’s goal is to facilitate long-term data collection to help analyze experimental organic solar cell performance over time. This would be done by developing Labview code to interface with, automate, and receive measurements from an electronic source meter device. Automatic testing should occur when certain conditions are met, i.e adequate solar illumination.
The student would be expected to develop Labview code which would carry out automated tests when certain input conditions are met. A user-friendly interface would be necessary for controlling manual or automatic testing. Additionally, collected data should be organized into a human- and machine-readable format and backed up without user input.
Time commitment
4-6 Hours/Week
Student should be experienced with Labview and interested in automation of coupled input/output systems.
Positions available
Applications for 2018-2019 is now open! Pleae apply through the link below and send your transcript as a PDF to (Please attach your complete transcript from ACORN as a PDF file with filename: REX2018_FISTNAME_LASTNAME).
1 position available
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