Digital Image Recognition for Real-time Feed of Measured Position Data
Civil Engineering
The Structural Testing Facility in the Department of Civil Engineering is equipped with a three-dimensional displacement sensor which consists of LED targets, three-dimensional cameras, and software and controller. The system can track the LED targets position up to several micro meter level, which is very useful information in structural testing. Due to the limitation of the software, though, it is not possible to feed the measured data to other research program in real time. The objective of the project is to write a software 1) which can capture the screen at specified time interval (e.g. 0.5 sec), 2) process the image to read the current position of LED targets using optical character recognition, and 3) feed the data to other software through network either using TCP-IP communication or by broadcasting over HTTP.
Software source code, software executable, manual.
Time commitment
6 hours per week
Proficiency in programming languages. High level of interests and skill in computer programming, GPA>3.0, no restriction in the programs or years.
Positions available
1 position available
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