Extraction and Processing of Battery Materials with specific focus on Sodium Batteries
Chemical Engineering
Today Li and Co based batteries are an important topic of research and especially looking at extraction and processing of Li & Co and also the recycling of these elements from battery scrap. Now interestingly, for large scale grid storage applications, Li and Co based batteries may not be the ideal solution owing to the higher costs and limited supply of Li and Cobalt. Sodium on the other hand is abundant and has already shown great potential as the next battery material. In the present project two positions will be available and it will focus on understanding the chemistry of sodium based batteries, looking into the challenges of the Sodium batteries, figuring out the demand and supply of sodium in the future including recycling options, and finally also focussing on what will the most challenging problems for sodium based batteries.
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Time commitment
5-8 hour(s) per week
Chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, physical chemistry, business minor etc. Motivations and optimism is a must
Positions available
Applications for 2018-2019 is now open! Pleae apply through the link below and send your transcript as a PDF to gsociety.rex@gmail.com (Please attach your complete transcript from ACORN as a PDF file with filename: REX2018_FISTNAME_LASTNAME).

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