Advanced Battery Management for Electric Vehicles
Electrical Engineering
The UofT Electric Vehicle Research Centre (UTEV) is seeking motivated and hardworking engineering students to help with the deployment of novel sub-systems (battery, controller, thermal management, charger, etc.) in a prototype electric vehicle. The tasks will be chosen according to the experience and skill-set of the applicant. ECE and MIE students will be considered. Year 3/4 students are preferred. The following skills are an asset: Electrical: - Embedded systems programming (especially automotive MCUs) - LabVIEW coding - CAN/SPI interfaces - FPGA programming - Strong soldering skills (especially SMD) - Electrical hardware debugging - PCB design - high-voltage testing/safety - current/voltage sensing - battery management systems (modelling, balancing, etc.) - programming graphical interfaces - safety training for high-voltage applications Mechanical: -Thermal, Structural, and multiphysics analysis with ANSYS -Part modeling and detailing experience using Solid Works -Strong understanding of manufacturing processes and materials properties -Ability to handle metal machining tools (lathe, mill, drill press, etc.) -Hands-on mechanical assembly for automotive applications -Access to MIE student machine shop -safety training
See description.
Time commitment
5-8 hour(s) per week
Background in electrical or mechanical engineering is preferred. Selection will be based upon academic standing + match with posted skills (hands on skills and involvement in technical teams such as blue sky solar racing are a major asset)
Positions available
Applications for 2018-2019 is now open! Pleae apply through the link below and send your transcript as a PDF to (Please attach your complete transcript from ACORN as a PDF file with filename: REX2018_FISTNAME_LASTNAME).

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