Analysis of Imagery from High Altitude Balloon Flight
The student will assist with analysis of images taken during a high altitude balloon flight over Timmins, Ontario in August 2018. The analysis will be used to assess the performance of the cameras, to investigate the stability of the balloon platform and to determine modifications to be made to the system for future flights.
The student will prepare an oral presentation and a final written report at the end of the term.
Time commitment
5-8 hour(s) per week
Programming experience (preferably Python) is required and experience with GoPro cameras is beneficial. The student must have completed first year with an A average. The code developed should be well documented and kept under revision control, with sufficient documentation provided for subsequent students working with these data and codes. Prefer Engineering Science or student interested in physics. Coding experience and relevant skills are beneficial.
Positions available
Applications for 2018-2019 is now open! Pleae apply through the link below and send your transcript as a PDF to (Please attach your complete transcript from ACORN as a PDF file with filename: REX2018_FISTNAME_LASTNAME).

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