Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Stormwater Management
Civil Engineering
The project is a scoping literature review of bioretention systems. Increasingly frequent and intense extreme weather events cause flooding, which is exacerbated in cities due to aging infrastructure and paved surfaces. With the aim of preventing flood damage, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) will soon require that all stormwater management designs incorporate green infrastructure (GI). GI is a suite of technologies that aim to mitigate the impacts of stormwater by storing and infiltrating runoff as close to the source as possible. One of the more commonly highlighted GI approaches is the bioretention system, which uses planter beds with engineered soil to support infiltration, filter stormwater, and to reduce peak flow during storm events. Recent studies have found these systems to be highly effective, but so far, have only focused on relatively new installations. As of yet, there have been several review articles published on bioretention, but the scoping literature review process has not been applied to this topic area. We will undertake such a review to learn the state of research in bioretention and trends in the literature.
The research students can be contributing study authors. They will also gain expertise in an emerging area within stormwater, and improve valuable skills in research and communication.
Time commitment
5-8 hour(s) per week
Analytical skills, be adept at reading academic literature and synthesizing information, organized, proficient at excel, with excellent written communication. Background in engineering, planning, environmental sciences, earth sciences is preferred. An example of academic writing will be required (1 page in length; can be an excerpt).
Positions available
1 or 2
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